21st Century Wedding Prep

Google Docs, and how they made my life easy and my wife-to-be happy.

But seriously, how’d people organize their wedding information before the internet? My fianc√© and I live on separate sides of the metro area and we are both busy 110% of the time. I purchased her the Knots guide to getting wed or whatever, lots of great information, beautiful. But paper? I doesn’t help us. Enter google drive. BOOM. Continue reading “21st Century Wedding Prep”

Apple TVs as Digital Signage

The idea: Use AppleTVs as inexpensive digital signage units.

How I did it: 

Activate all the Apple TVs not he same iCloud account.

Enable Photostream on the account.

Use a designated iPhoto library for uploading the photos to the stream, we use a workstation as of now. ideally shared photo streams would be better for us as different users could upload images for the signage.


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