21st Century Wedding Prep

Google Docs, and how they made my life easy and my wife-to-be happy.

But seriously, how’d people organize their wedding information before the internet? My fiancé and I live on separate sides of the metro area and we are both busy 110% of the time. I purchased her the Knots guide to getting wed or whatever, lots of great information, beautiful. But paper? I doesn’t help us. Enter google drive. BOOM. Her mother, residing out of state, my mother residing downstairs and other members of our family could share information easily and way less stressfully that intense phone conversations or bulleted list text messages.

The list. I love data, databases are a secret passion of mine, so naturally a spreadsheet was in the works for our guest list. All complete with “priority” of guest, their information and other data points to be filled out later on. I had most every one of my friends cell numbers, but no ones physical address. Enter google forms. A simple form allowed for easy address collection of those who needed to be sent save the dates. Cake. Cake!? We haven’t looked at cakes yet… Anyways it was helpful and I had 80% of my addresses collected in 24 hours. Heres a time, make the two spreadsheets line up to one another:

First | Last | Address | City | State | Zip

So then a simple copy and past will suffice to get it copied over to the master list. Even exporting and using avery envelope labels would be a few spreadsheet modifications away. Although my bride-to-be didn’t like the aesthetics of this option… logical isn’t always beautiful. So I don’t know if that’s the direction we will head- but I will keep you posted!