NEMS – Nagios for your Pi

NEMS or Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server developed by Robbie Ferguson is a modernized version of NagiosPi.

NEMS is a modern pre-configured, customized and ready-to-deploy Nagios Core image designed to run on the Raspberry Pi 3 micro computer. At its core it is a lightweight Debian Stretch deployment optimized for performance, reliability and ease of use.

I had used FAN (Fully Automated Nagios) for my home instance until development stopped around 2013, NagiosPi was a good alternative, and I liked the idea of Nagios living on a Pi rather as another vm on a server, seemed counter intuitive to have it live on virtual host, and a pi allows for an inexpensive platform to have a stand alone service.

NEMS is built for RPI3 and requires as such. The beauty of NEMs (as with FAN or NagiosPi) its all rebuilt, download the .img, flash it to a Micro SD and you’re off.

NEMS bundles a lot of great features that use the Nagos Core, and it can be a simple box preforming check_pings or it can be as robust as nagios NRPE can get- that’s up to you.

Within an hourI had it up and running preforming basic checks on my home environment and at no more than $65 USD for all the parts (pi, case, powersupply, Micro SD). Its an easy and robust solution. I recommend checking out as there is an excellent write-up and a direct download to the image.

If you have a small environment or home infrastructure I highly recommend NEMS  (Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server) by Robbie Ferguson.

LinuxFest Northwest

I am super excited to announce be presenting at LinuxFest Northwest May 6th on “Managing macOS, without macOS(almost)” you can read more about the session here. LinuxFest Northwest is an annual OpenSource event held at Bellingham Technical College.

What is LinuxFest Northwest? LFNW features presentations and Exhibits on various F/OSS topics, as well as Linux distributions and applications. LinuxFest Northwest has something for everyone from the novice to the professional. The hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. both days.

LinuxFest Northwest  a great conference and you cannot argue with the price. I hope to see you there! 

Macadmins Meetup

“Unofficial” Apple Admins of Seattle and the Great Northwest social to follow Saturday’s sessions will be held at Elizabeth Station at around 5pm. They should have a food truck outside and an over abundance of Beer/ Cider selection. There is also the incredible Primer Coffee right next door if that’s more your speed. As always find us on Slack, hope to meet you soon.