Munkireport-PHP on Ubuntu 16.04 w/ SQL


After deciding Docker wasn’t a direction I wanted to head infrastructure wise I decided to pursue Ubuntu host… but I also wanted to update the infrastructure, so I decided to pursue an option like this:

  • Ubuntu 16.o4
  • PHP 7
  • Non-local SQL

I’ve cited him once and I’ll do it again, Clayton Burlison has a great blog post on such a thing for Ubuntu 14.04 (less non-local db)which was the basic outline I used to move forward with this project.

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Munki, Docker and why you’d want to even try. The video!

Here  is a video from PSU MacAdmins where I take a high level look at Munki, Docker and why you’d want to even try to get them to play nice with one another- or what better options for hosting your repo may be…


I love what the folks on the PSU MacAdmins team have been doing for the community, you can read more about them and the PSU MacAdmins conference here.

Munkireport-PHP on Docker

In my previous post I delved into getting a munki repo with ssl client-server cert protecting up and running on a docker host. You can read that here.

So the next step I wanted to get up and running next to it was the great tool Munkireport-PHP.  More than likely if you are looking into docker as an option for a munki repo server you have some experience with munkireport-php as a reporting tool for your fleet. I am not endorsing this as the only way or even a preferred way- I just wanted to see what it looked like to get it up and running on a docker host- and it was super easy (in comparison to getting a munki repo configured and up and running).

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Penn State Mac Admins Conference

I will be presenting the MacAdmins Conference at Penn State this summer with my good friend and colleague Sean Kaiser find more about him here. I will be heading up Life In A Post Xserve World and Sean 2 years after 1400+ computers in 3 weeks. Are we still nuts?. Here is a full list of topics and speakers. Looking forward to being inducted into a great community, and hope I can give just the slightest amount of wisdom back.