Exploring Osquery, Kolide’s Fleet and Graylog for Endpoint Visibility

Why? Desire for fleet visibility Visibility on both clients and hosts Ability to be alerted if something changes, but not necessarily enforce There's one of me Easy to stand up Easy to maintain Automation As much as I wish I had time to "dev" it- I just need it to work. This stack There's a… Continue reading Exploring Osquery, Kolide’s Fleet and Graylog for Endpoint Visibility

Munki, Gitlab & Git-LFS

NOTE: This is not a HOW TO, more of a rant, the how to that may or may not come later. This is written from the perspective of someone who manages (for the most part) their infrastructure from end to end, vm config, service management, monitoring and patching. When it comes to scale, and complexity… Continue reading Munki, Gitlab & Git-LFS

LinuxFest Northwest

I am super excited to announce be presenting at LinuxFest Northwest May 6th on "Managing macOS, without macOS(almost)" you can read more about the session here. LinuxFest Northwest is an annual OpenSource event held at Bellingham Technical College. What is LinuxFest Northwest? LFNW features presentations and Exhibits on various F/OSS topics, as well as Linux distributions and… Continue reading LinuxFest Northwest

Munkireport-PHP on Docker

In my previous post I delved into getting a munki repo with ssl client-server cert protecting up and running on a docker host. You can read that here. So the next step I wanted to get up and running next to it was the great tool Munkireport-PHP.  More than likely if you are looking into docker as… Continue reading Munkireport-PHP on Docker