Exploring Osquery, Kolide’s Fleet and Graylog for Endpoint Visibility

Why? Desire for fleet visibility Visibility on both clients and hosts Ability to be alerted if something changes, but not necessarily enforce There's one of me Easy to stand up Easy to maintain Automation As much as I wish I had time to "dev" it- I just need it to work. This stack There's a… Continue reading Exploring Osquery, Kolide’s Fleet and Graylog for Endpoint Visibility

MunkiAdmin sync on “Save”

The idea was to use MunkiAdmin's script features to automatically rsync changes from a management machine to a machine hosting the repo for clients access. My testng case was syncing from a macOS machine to Ubuntu 16.04. This utilizes rsync with psk's, great documentation specifically on check out Digital Ocean's article. The Script The main bread and butter… Continue reading MunkiAdmin sync on “Save”

Munkireport-PHP on Ubuntu 16.04 w/ SQL

Overview After deciding Docker wasn't a direction I wanted to head infrastructure wise I decided to pursue Ubuntu host... but I also wanted to update the infrastructure, so I decided to pursue an option like this: Ubuntu 16.o4 PHP 7 Non-local SQL I've cited him once and I'll do it again, Clayton Burlison has a great… Continue reading Munkireport-PHP on Ubuntu 16.04 w/ SQL